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Five new LNG ship terminals on the Yangtze River


ecently, it was learned that Hubei Province will build two LNG terminals in Wuhan and Yichang, and at least one filling station (gas and water) will be built next year to add green energy to ships sailing in the Yangtze River.

"Gasification of Yangtze River" refers to the "oil to gas" project, which transforms the Yangtze River inland ships which used diesel oil and heavy oil as the main fuel into LNG and diesel dual fuel, and gradually replaces them with pure LNG power fuel.

According to the "gasification of Yangtze River" project plan of Hubei Province, LNG unloading and filling stations will be reasonably arranged along the Yangtze River, and the "oil to gas" of ship engine fuel will be promoted to build a green shipping channel along the Yangtze River.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of transportation, in the opinions on the layout and development of LNG terminals along the coastal and Yangtze River trunk lines issued by the Ministry of transportation, the relevant layout of the Yangtze River trunk line in our province is involved, and the research results of our province are adopted. In 2035, the LNG terminals of Wuhan port will be steadily developed, and the LNG terminals of Yichang port resource reserve port will be reserved accordingly.

Ship power transformation is an important part of "gasification Yangtze River". According to the relevant people from the military civilian integration office of Hubei provincial Party committee, the province has taken the lead in trying LNG power transformation of ships, taking the lead in designing and building new dual fuel power ships, taking the lead in building LNG refueling ships, and taking the lead in building oil and gas integrated refueling pump ships, forming a complete industrial chain, taking the lead in R & D and manufacturing technology in the country, and 15 design units have designed LNG power ships that meet the requirements.

Up to now, Hubei Province has built two LNG powered ships, including Haichuan 2 and Haichuan 3, to operate the container transportation route from Yangluo to Yichang. Hubei Provincial Department of transportation disclosed that the province is currently carrying out the preliminary work of five LNG terminal projects, including the Fudi Fujiang marine LNG filling station of Ezhou port, the Zhangjiawan marine clean energy terminal of Huanggang port, the Zigui Guizhou water transportation application LNG project of Yichang port, the Hubei National Energy Storage LNG filling station and the product oil loading and unloading terminal of linsifang port of Wuhan port Wuhan port BaiHushan Minsheng oil LNG handling and filling terminal.

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