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SV2 successfully launched its first flight, and the number of direct flights from Nansha port area of Guangzhou port to coastal defense increased to 9


On December 26, "Far East grace" successfully berthed at Nansha phase III wharf of Guangzhou port, and Zoomlion Vietnam express SV2 successfully made its first voyage. The number of direct routes from Nansha to Haiphong has increased to 9, and the Southeast Asia route network of Nansha port area has been further strengthened.


SV2 route is operated by Zoomlion, and the order of connecting to port is Nansha Shekou Haiphong Nansha. The route provides direct shipping service from Nansha to Haiphong. The shipping time of Nansha export to Haiphong is 4 days, and that of Haiphong import to Nansha is only 3 days. It provides fast and stable near ocean shipping service for local and Southeast Asian customers.

The opening of Haiphong express line SV2 has enriched the logistics channels between local enterprises and Southeast Asia. The daily shift from Nansha port area to Haiphong has been basically realized, and the Southeast Asian market has been further expanded. The fast shipping schedule creates good logistics conditions for the export of local clothing, household appliances, building materials and other goods. At the same time, it meets the demand of Nansha port area for Vietnam's imported agricultural products, finished paper and plastic raw materials, which is conducive to the stable development of the trade market between the two places.

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