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Draw inferences from one instance and strengthen the safety production of hazardous chemicals transportation


On June 14, the Ministry of transport issued the "emergency notice on effectively doing a good job in production safety in key areas such as hazardous chemicals transportation, and Resolutely Curbing major production safety accidents" to deploy and strengthen production safety in the industry.

First, we should be deeply alert and fully understand the seriousness of the current situation of transportation safety in production and the urgency of doing a good job in safety in production. We will thoroughly implement general secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on safety in production, firmly establish the people centered development thought, strictly implement safety supervision and corporate responsibility, adhere to the red line bottom line, and resolutely curb serious accidents.

The second is to act quickly and do a good job in the safety management of hazardous chemicals transportation. Strengthen the safety supervision and law enforcement of road transportation of dangerous chemicals, and strictly monitor the dynamic state of vehicles and drivers; Strengthen the safety management of port hazardous chemicals storage and operation, and strengthen the major risk assessment and control of port hazardous chemicals concentration area; The safety management of waterway transportation of dangerous chemicals shall be strictly enforced, and the transportation beyond the scope and capacity and the ship with diseases shall be strictly prohibited; Strengthen the safety management of dangerous chemicals vehicle parking and ship parking.

Third, draw inferences from one instance and comprehensively strengthen the prevention of major safety risks in other key areas of the industry. We should pay close attention to the risks of long-distance passenger transport lines and inter provincial tourist charter transportation, the safety risks of urban public transport and rail transit dangerous goods entering the station and boarding and large passenger flow, the navigation risks of passenger ferry, RO ro passenger ship, tourist ship and cruise ship under adverse weather conditions, the high-risk construction and resident safety risks of highway and waterway engineering, and the fire risks of densely populated places and key parts, Strictly implement control measures to effectively prevent and contain all kinds of accidents.

Fourth, we should take the responsibility of compaction and conscientiously carry out the three-year action of special rectification of work safety. According to the national three-year action plan for special rectification of work safety and the overall deployment of the three-year action plan for the industry, we quickly organized and carried out a comprehensive investigation of hidden dangers of work safety accidents in the industry and governance of prominent problems, spared no effort to make up for weaknesses, consolidate the bottom plate, strengthen weak items and plug loopholes, and made great efforts to promote and improve the modernization level of work safety governance system and governance capacity in the industry.

Fifthly, advance the Ministry's prevention and control, and do a good job in flood control, typhoon prevention and normalized epidemic prevention and control work safety. In view of the characteristics of frequent natural disasters, epidemic prevention and control, and resumption of work and production in the current summer flood season, we should strengthen information tracking and situation judgment, strengthen prevention and early warning, innovate supervision service mode, and comprehensively promote epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production safety.

Sixth, strengthen emergency response and deal with all kinds of emergencies scientifically and effectively. Strengthen the emergency duty and standby, improve the emergency plan and emergency disposal measures, improve the ability of emergency response, and deal with all kinds of emergencies scientifically and effectively.

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