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Air Freight Management:

Airfreight offers the fastest, most direct connection between your shipment origin and destination, and Sea Norsen Logistics' team of experts will ensure professional management the entire shipping process. Sea Norsen Logistics has built a comprehensive international Airfreight network that makes sure your products will arrive on time and without error. With access to passenger, freighter, and charter operators our Airfreight network adapts to suit your requirements.

We are one of the world's largest providers of air transportation services, with the expertise and networks to provide fast delivery at reasonable cost.

We can handle the entire service, from customs documentation to ground transportation at each end, controlling the whole process through our global visibility systems and ensuring you don't lose time before or after the flight.

Working with the leading commercial and charter operators in hundreds of trade lanes, we can bundle our customers' combined volumes together to achieve competitive prices, the best space allocations and regular flight schedules.

Our Air Freight Management solution include:
*Consolidation services with over 50 destinations worldwide
*Door-to-door service
*Experience in transporting various types of cargo
*Trained and licensed to transport dangerous and unique cargo
*Freighter aircraft charters expertise
*Specialty in perishable air cargo
*International agreements with leading carriers – allowing us significant buying power

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